March 27, 2023


The co-sign is a sacred artifact discovered by Hyperpop Daily archaeologists found outside on the concrete of a In-N-Out near Fresno California in the 1960s.

Only known image of the artifact allegedly found on the deep web in the 2000’s.

Hyperpop Daily, the world’s leading economist and distant relative of Nikola Tesla, is the welder of the artifact. Those who have been lent its powers have went on to have successful careers as influencers, celebrities, and artists. Starting with Yeat, all the way to the likes of Nigo Chanel and Okaymar. It is said those who have seen the artifact in person end up becoming so successful in such a short span of time they experience withdraws if a post doesn’t hit 1,000 likes in 3 minutes.

The Hyperpop Daily Science Department (HPDSD) has been researching for decades on how and why this social phenomenon occurs. Within the next few months, The Hyperpop Daily National Archives and Records Administration will be publishing its first set of historical records going more in-depth into this subject.